A hot, cozy chili on a cold Saturday night…


This past Saturday night, after a long busy day of cleaning, I decided to make one of our family’s favorite dinners. A nice, big pot of cozy, hot chili. Because my oldest children were out visiting at our friends’ home, I decided to implore my next eldest daughter for assistance with this chili. She happily chopped the peppers and carrots, while I sautéed the lean ground beef. I also took on the task of chopping the onions for fear of them making my daughter cry. She reminded me of her Granny’s advice to chew bread while chopping them as it is supposed to lessen the tears, though I didn’t try it this time. After sautéing the ground beef, I added the chopped peppers, carrots, onion, and minced garlic. Once the veggies were soft, I added sea salt, 1 tsp. of chili powder (my nursing baby would likely protest at more), and two teaspoons of cumin powder. Next, I added two cans of Tuttorosso crushed tomatoes, and simmered it all in my favorite Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven. I then cooked up a pot of organic brown rice for a side dish to help fill hungry bellies and round out the meal. Once the chili was done cooking, I added a can of organic cannellini beans and half a bag of frozen corn and cooked it a few more minutes until it simmered nicely and the corn was hot. We served it up with some shredded cheddar cheese and it was a hit, though it was eaten in a quiet house as we all were missing our two oldest children. It’s amazing how empty a home could feel when two children are not there. Thankfully, Our Dear Lord returned them home safely, thanks be to God, and they, too, enjoyed a nice hot bowl of chili each and the life and loudness joyfully returned back to our home.

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