About Nourished Blessings Farm:

Hello! Welcome to Nourished Blessings Farm! We are Robert and Melissa, happily married New Englanders, blessed with eight precious children who are striving to slow down and joyfully live out our Roman Catholic faith while raising the precious children that God has entrusted to our care, on our little one acre farm in New England. We share our land with Francesca, our sweet miniature Schnauzer farm dog, our Nigerian Dwarf goat, Buttercup, our large varied flock of chickens, sweet Pekin ducks, and the lonely hive that once housed our 30 thousand Italian Honey Bees, that sadly didn’t make it after the cold autumn frost hit.

Our dream is to someday move to a “little farm by the sea”, and to more fully embrace the simple rural agrarian life. We hope to someday have a cow to milk and sheep to shear. We dream of having an apple orchard and blue berry barrens, organic vegetables growing in our gardens, and a front porch to sit and swing, and rock our babies on.

Let us all take a moment to slow down, wherever we are, to thank God for the Abundant Blessings He has bestowed upon us and nourished us with in this beautiful gift of life. As our beloved Pastor once said, “The flag over a Christian’s soul is joy!” Let us let that joy shine in our souls and be a light in the darkness. A bright smile, a warm hug, friendly, caring words, or a hot meal served with love. Embrace each moment we are blessed with, and live it to its fullest with love in serving God. Always start your day, as I tell my children, with the Morning Offering, which offers everything we do as a prayer lifted up to God. Take the time to slow down and lookup at the bright shining sky, listen for the sound of sweet singing birds, smell the beautiful fragrance of the flowers around you, notice the changing of the seasons and the signs around us that gently whisper to us to slow down and let each breath we breathe be a prayer of thanksgiving to Almighty God who loves us so deeply that He gave His Beloved Son, Our Dear Savior Jesus Christ, to suffer and die for us and to rise again and open the Gates of Heaven. We all strive to be Saints in Heaven someday, let us not lose our chance to strive to get there!

With love and prayers,

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Robert and Melissa